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What are the Causes of White Coated Tongue?

Pit-and-FissureTongue or oral problems can occur due to many variety of reasons. The causes of white coated tongue may be benign and could be resolved easily, whereas in some other cases they may require some serious medical treatments. In this article, there is a brief discussion on the white coated tongue causes. Read to know about the basic and medical conditions leading to this condition.

Causes of white coated tongue

Some of the common and serious causes of this condition are as follows.

  • Poor oral hygiene:

    It is the most common reason of white coated tongue, particularly in the early morning. It can also mean that an individual is suffering with allergies or colds and he/she has breathed through their mouth while sleeping throughout the night.

  • Inflammation of the papillae:

    A generalized condition of white coating of an individual tongue can also be a minor indication of their papillae inflammation (papillae are the tiny bumps which coat the tongue). This condition can also be due to dehydration, poor oral hygiene or might be chronic for individuals who smoke.

  • Thrush:

    The tongue with white coating or patches can be a indication of thrush, a type of an oral yeast infection. This condition is common in individuals who are suffering with asthma and diabetics and who take antibiotics.

  • Leukoplakia:

    The white coating on the tongue can also be due to a condition called leukoplakia. This condition is common among people who use tobacco or smoke regularly.

  • Oral canker:

    In some cases, this condition can also be an indication of most serious conditions like oral cancer. Thus, it is essential that patients with this condition must consult their doctor for an early treatment.

The above listed ones are some causes of white coated tongue. The main causes of this condition include smoking and poor oral hygiene. However, people who develop white stripes or patches, these means that they are suffering with a more serious condition that requires immediate medical attention.

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