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Hairy Leukoplakia of Tongue – Symptoms

tnge-cancerHairy leukoplakia is also referred to as oral hairy leukoplakia. It is a white patch or hairy appearance on the side of the tongue. Hairy leukoplakia of tongue has various signs and symptoms. The symptoms can be seen on the tongue and other parts in the mouth such as gums and inside of the cheeks and lips. The infection can also spread to other parts of the body and symptoms can be seen on the genitals.

Symptoms of tongue hairy leukoplakia

There are a few symptoms of hairy leukoplakia of tongue which are listed below.

  • Patches or spots:

    Patients infected with this condition may develop patches or spots or hairy appearance on the teeth. These condition looks similar to the oral thrush (Candida infection), except that the hairy lesions cannot be dislodged or removed.

  • Color:

    The infected sites or hairy appearance or patches or spots may appearance in white or gray color.

  • Texture:

    The areas or sites of infection may have flat or irregular texture and they are usually painless on the sides of the tongue. But, individuals affected with this condition may experience pain on other areas of the tongue or inside the mouth.

  • Sensitivity:

    The surface might become sensitive to heat, spicy foods, touch or other irritation.

  • Tiny-hair like protrusions:

    Infected individuals may develop tiny, fuzzy and hair-like protrusions which are running along the folds.

  • Surface:

    The infected site or area might become hardened or thickened.

  • Sore or lesions:

    Patients with hairy leukoplakia may develop red and raised lesions (erythroplakia), that are more likely to cause precancerous changes.

The above article discusses about the signs and symptoms of hairy leukoplakia of tongue. If you notice any of the symptoms, then immediate consult medical professional for a through diagnosis and treatment.

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