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Natural Treatment For Gingivitis

mouth-brthngGingivitis is a serious infectious condition which causes bad breath. It is caused by bacteria which is naturally present inside the body. They are present in balanced amounts inside the body, but if their number increase or decrease it causes serious health problems such as gingivitis. Natural treatment for gingivitis could be very helpful, since it doesn’t show any side effects. Read on to know more about the treatment for gingivitis naturally which is briefly discussed in this article.

Natural treatment for gingivitis

Although, there are many over-the-counter medications to kill the microorganisms which cause gingivitis, you can also prepare a natural home remedy to treat and prevent gingivitis.

  1. In a small jar, add 2 tablespoons of white oak bark, 3/4th tablespoon of peppermint leaves, 1 tablespoon of myrrh gum, 1/8 tablespoon of clove and ½ tablespoon of anise. Close the lid and make sure that the lid fitted tightly. Shake the content to mix all the ingredients well. This is the natural tooth herbal mixture which you can use to brush your teeth.
  2. Place 1 teaspoon of natural herbal mixture on the toothbrush and use it to brush your gums and teeth. Make sure that you thoroughly clean your mouth with the natural mixture for at least 5 minutes. Later once you finish brushing, spit out the excess mixture, but avoid rinsing your mouth with water. This is because the powder will remain active for longer hours in your mouth. If you rinse your mouth with water, then the powder will be washed away and there will be of no use.
  3. You can also include more peppermint in the natural treatment powder, if you find it too bitter to taste.
  4. Use this natural gingivitis treatment powder for 3 times daily until gingivitis clear off. Later you can use it once in a week to prevent the recurrence of gingivitis.

The above article discusses about the natural treatment for gingivitis. This effectively works in the treatment and prevention of the disease. You can also include other natural remedies to treat gingivitis and you need not have to use those expensive chemical medicated products.

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