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Natural Treatment for Canker Sores

Tooth-DryCanker sores are also referred to as apthous stomatitis ulcerativeĀ  and mouth ulcersĀ. Typically, they are small painful ulcers with a yellow-gray centers surrounded by a red border and are usually 1-2 mm wide. Canker sores occur inside the mouth, on the tongue, inner side of the lips towards the front teeth, inner side of the cheeks towards the molars, the floor and back of the mouth.

Natural treatment for canker sores

  • Grapefruit seed extract:

    In a glass of water, add 5 or 6 drops of extract made from grapefruit seed, mix this content well and use it as a mouth wash.

  • Wet tea bag:

    Place a wet tea bag on the side of the sore area for about a few minutes. The acid present in the tea does act as an astringent, promoting healing and relieving pain.

  • Baking soda:

    Add a few drops of water in baking soda and apply this paste on the sore. Repeat this process for several times in a day. It reduces the amount of bacterial flora inside the mouth and thus helps in faster recovery.

  • Licorice root extract:

    Place a drop of extract of licorice root on the canker sore for every hour. It can also reduce the pain and speed up the healing process. This is because it is rich in tannins, the potent anti-inflammatory.

  • Garlic:

    Chew a piece of garlic and place it near the site of canker sore. Repeat this process for 2 to 3 times in a day. This also helps in treatment of canker sore, since it is a natural antiseptic and also has many anti-viral properties.

The above listed ones are some of the natural treatment for canker sores. Include these remedies as they naturally help in the canker sore treatment.

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