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Effects of Braces on Teeth

Pit-and-Fissure-SealantsBraces are used for adjusting an individual’s teeth, including the treatment for buck teeth, crooked teeth and other dental problems such as gaps. The effects of braces on teeth vary on the use of the patient, its standards, etc. Now-a-days, braces do come in many different types along with the standard metal. In this article, there is a brief discussion on the braces effects on the teeth.

Effects of braces on teeth

Braces can be used by both adults and kids and it can have both beneficial and harmful effects. Some of the beneficial and harmful effects are listed below:

Beneficial effects of braces on teeth:

  • Braces helps in straightening the teeth and also helps to improve the appearance of the teeth.
  • It also helps in alignment of the teeth and it also helps in associated problems such as biting and chewing problems and speech problems.
  • They also help to clean the teeth more easily as cleaning straight teeth is easy than the crooked teeth. This is because the toothbrush can reach the spaces much better between the straight teeth than the crooked teeth.
  • Straight teeth also help to create a better and pleasant smile that can bolster one’s self esteem.

Side effects of braces on teeth:

  • Because of the extra pressure exerted by the braces on the teeth, they can cause discomfort and pain in the jaw.
  • Loosen or broken brace can cause damage to the gums, teeth and lips by scraping the adjacent parts.
  • Patients need to avoid certain foods such as sugary foods, gums and sticky candies and hard foods as they could break the braces and cause damage.
  • Improper care of the braces can cause staining on the teeth, tooth decay, gum and oral diseases.

The above mentioned are some of the effects of braces on the teeth. There are various types of braces which one can opt for a better facial appearance. It is better to take complete guidance from your dentist and follow the precautionary steps to lower the negative effects of braces and to increase its beneficial effects.

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