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How to Clean Mouth Guard

How to clean Mouth GuardMost individual use mouth guards to protect their teeth during sports activities or to prevent the grinding of teeth during night, as most individuals have a habit of grinding their teeth in sleep. You must always clean your mouth guard to prevent infections. Custom devices made by the dentist could be very expensive, but by following simple steps listed below you can clean the mouth guard and also protect the teeth.

How to Clean Mouth Guard – Steps :

  1. Always read the manufacturers instructions carefully or take your dentist advice before buying the mouth guard. Follow the instructions properly to take care of the devices. You can also follow the below steps to clean the mouth guard along with the proper care of the mouth guard device.
  2. After every use of the mouth guard, gently brush them with a mild toothpaste and toothbrush. Make sure that you rinse it thoroughly with water. It is better to avoid hot water as some of the devices can change their shape because of high temperature. Ensure that the device is dried completely and then store it.
  3. Buildup is more common on the devices, even after regular cleaning with the toothbrush after every use. Try the denture cleaning tablets by carefully following the instructions mentioned on the package to freshen up the mouth guard. Make sure that you properly rinse and dry after soaking in the solution.
  4. For extra cleaning of devices, consider purchasing an UV light sanitizer. VIOlight acts as an excellent product that is specific for the dental devices. After use the sanitizer (which takes only about 5 minutes), ensure to dry the device and also clean the sanitizing cup after the use as directed.
  5. Bring the mouth guard to a regular dental cleaning visits as it has to be cleaned periodically by the dentist with a powerful cleaning machine.

The above steps helps you about how to clean your mouth guard. Cleaning the mouth guard is also essential to prevent the infections and bacterial growth in the device.

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