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How to Attach a Temporary Dental Crown?

Temporary dental crowns are usually made up of stainless steel or plastic. They are placed on the tooth while a permanent tooth crown is fashioned. But, one must take precautions to attach a temporary dental crown. Because even after following the precautions of the dentist while you wear a temporary crown, in rare cases the dental crown might fall off. Some of the basic precautions include avoid eating hard and sticky foods, using the other part of the mouth for chewing, etc. In this article, there is a brief discussion on the ways to attach the temporary tooth crown.

Tips to attach a temporary dental crown

  1. You can purchase a temporary tooth or dental cement from the pharmacy or drugstore. You can consult the pharmacist while purchasing the adherents such as Redcapit or Dentemp. The Columbia University College of Dental Medicine notes the petroleum jelly and denture adhesive may work as efficiently.
  2. Ensure that the temporary dental crown is cleaned properly before you do an attempt to attach it. Apply dental cement as a single layer on the inside of the dry tooth crown with an applicator as indicated or instructed on the product.
  3. Align the temporary dental crown in the mouth appropriately and then place the crown over an exposed tooth. Carefully bite down to make sure that the crown is fitted comfortably. In case if the crown is place improperly or incorrectly then you need to take the crown out and repeat the step 2 process as necessary.
  4. Lastly, after a few minutes rinse your mouth to remove the dental cement debris. But, you need to wait until the required time as most dental cements do require at least 1 hour after the process and to eat or chew foods. This is because the adherent takes from 1 to 3 hours to set completely.

The above mentioned is the step wise procedure to attach a temporary dental crown. This can be helpful when you are unable to reach your doctor immediately after the dental implant has fallen out or if it is missing.

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