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What are the Symptoms of Dental Implant Failure?

Oral-Submucous-FibrosisDental implant applied to the patients suffering with periodontal diseases. The dentist diagnose the conditions and then gives appropriate treatment. Unfortunately, patients may develop some symptoms of dental implant failure. Thus, even after the treatment with dental implants, individual need to follow the prescriptions and measures carefully to prevent complications. There are some common symptoms which patients can develop due to dental implant failure which are discussed in this article. Let us examine them.

Symptoms of dental implant failure

  • Pain and discomfort:

    These are the common symptoms after the dental implantation or any surgical treatment. Patients may experience pain and discomfort at least under the healing process is completed

  • Hotter feeling near the surgical site:

    Dental implants are rooted in the jaw bone with the surgery. They are the artificial teeth but they function similar to the natural teeth if everything goes well. Unfortunately, patients may feel pain or warm near the implantation site. This condition needs be diagnosed and treated immediately as to prevent further severe infections and other complications.

  • Loose implants:

    Patients may experience loose implants which may wiggle and remain sore even after the process of healing is completed. This means that the implant is not securely set inside the jaw bone.

  • Sensitivity:

    Post after the surgical treatment with dental implants, patients may experience sensitivity due to those substances such as porcelain which are used for the dental implants. Because these substances are very hard and thus they don not absorb the shock well. Thus, it causes pain in the entire mouth of the patient especially while chewing, brushing and eating hot and cold foods.

  • Inflammation and Swelling:

    After the dental implantation, patients may experience swelling and inflammation of the tissues surrounding the dental implant area. This is one of the common sign of implant failure or infection. This occurs because of the tissue surrounding the dental implant which becomes traumatized and pressurized. This reaction prompts the patients body to trigger response by the immune system, which then attacks the cells of the bone. But, if the condition is not treated in time it can lead to loosening of fixtures and cause irreversible bone loss. Dental replacement or antibiotics are the common treatments for this condition.

  • Continuous bleeding:

    After the dental implantation, a little amount of the bleeding is usual and imminent, but the dentist places the gauze pads underneath the surgery area and ask the patient to chew on the area after the surgery and when the bleeding happens. Suppose if the gums are unable to handle the pressure of the dental implants or if the surgery is wrong then continuous or uncontrollable bleeding takes place. This condition needs an immediate medical attention.

  • Jaw fracture:

    This is a rare condition. Patients may develop jaw fracture and the symptoms include swelling, unbearable pain and inability to use their jaws. Patients inability to handle drilling pressure on the jaws before dental implantation, bone weakness or reduced bone mass can lead to bone fracture. For this condition, patients require immediate medical attention and fracture stabilization.

  • Nerve problems:

    Nerve damage is also a rare dental implant problem. This occurs when the implantation injuries the nerves and tissues lying through the jaw. An injury to the lower jaw nerve, inferior alveolar nerve may cause the patient to develop symptoms of pain, tingling sensation and numbness. Inflammation and pain during chewing is a persisting infectious condition.

The above listed are some of the symptoms of dental implant failure. Thus, if you experience any of the symptoms immediately consult your dentists to prevent the condition from deteriorating.

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