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Surprising Causes of Stained Teeth

Pit-and-FissureStained teeth causes can vary from one patient to other. Cigarettes and coffee are the two major causes of teeth discoloration, but there are many other surprising causes of stained teeth. In this article, there is a brief discussion on the top reason of teeth discoloration and stains which are given by many dentists of the American Dental Association. Let us examine them.

Surprising causes of stained teeth

  • Medicine:

    Some of the over-the-counter medications and antibiotics can cause dullness of your smile. Minocycline can cause the permanent bluish-gray stain on the teeth in adults and Tetracycline can cause yellowing of the teeth color in small kids. Certain antihistamines can discolor the color of the teeth. Consult your doctor to discuss about the prescribed medications you take as to know the impact on the teeth and other alternative measures.

  • Excessive fluoride:

    Generally, fluoride is good for teeth in minimum amounts, but excess amount of it may lead to the appearance of chalky white spots on the teeth. Though, it is a rare condition, people might get too much of fluoride from excess use of fluoride containing toothpaste or from the drinking water which contains high concentration of fluoride. Thus, dentist recommends to use a pea-sized toothpaste every time you brush.

  • Aging and genetics:

    As people get older, their teeth will have less chances of staying white. This is because of the enamel of the teeth that wears and tears off and becomes thin which leads to exposure of the natural brown or yellow color of the underneath dentin tissue. You should also thank your parents for the intensity of whiteness of the teeth which some individual have naturally thicker or brighter enamel than others.

  • Dental damage:

    The procedure of root canal treatment is not only painful, but it also causes the tooth to become discolored over time due to trauma. Even damage to the tooth from a fall or from an accident can also lead to discoloration of tooth in both adults and kids. Many dentists also say that “any time a tooth dies, it might also discolor.

  • Dark drinks:

    Tea and coffee are the well-known stainers of teeth, but many other dark fluids like red wine, soda and fruit juice can also lead to yellowing of the teeth. Even beer can damage the teeth and you smile as it has the acidic properties. It is said that basically, any fluid which can stain the carpet can also stain the teeth. Thus, every individual must swish or rinse your mouth with water after drinking dark fluids or liquids as it helps to offset the staining power of those dark fluids. Sipping the drinks with the help of a straw will also help to protect the front teeth as it reduces the contact between the teeth and fluids.

  • Color fluids:

    A handful of cherries which you are snacking are definitely good for the health, but they are bad for the teeth. This is because of these foods such as cranberries, soy sauce and blueberries which are heavily pigmented and can easily and quickly stain the teeth. Thus, brushing immediately as soon as possible after eating the staining foods can help to prevent teeth staining.

  • Bad habits:

    Unhygienic conditions such as poor brushing techniques, forgetting to floss regularly or to rinse you mouth after each meal can build the stain-producing substances on the teeth and cause stained teeth. Improper care of teeth can also allow bacterial growth on the teeth which can lead to brown or yellow stains. Many dentists suggest to brush for about 3 minutes or for a length of a single song.

The above listed are some of the surprising causes of stained teeth. Thus, follow the dental hygiene properly along with regular dental check up as to prevent teeth staining and other oral and dental problems.

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