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How to Clean the Teeth?

Fluoride-Using-Varnish-and-FoamTeeth need to be cleaned properly as we require clean strong and healthy teeth to chew the food properly and digest it properly. Thus, one should also know how to clean the teeth properly. Because improper cleaning can cause tooth damage and decay and can result in teeth loss. Along with these conditions, the infections can spread to various other parts of the body and result in other health problems. Thus, there are some simple steps which will help you to properly clean the teeth and are discussed below in this article.

Steps to clean the teeth

  1. Always choose a toothbrush which has soft-bristles and replace it for every 6 months at least. After using the toothbrush to clean the teeth wash it thoroughly and periodically sterilize it with mouthwash.
  2. Brush the teeth at least two times in a day, once before going to bed and other in the morning after having the breakfast. Use only a pea-sized fluoride containing toothpaste to brush the teeth. Aim the brush for the part between the gum and the neck of the tooth. Brush against the gum in downward and in round circular motions.
  3. At least once daily, floss the teeth, preferably before going to bed. Break off the floss up to 1 to 2 foot strand, slide it up and down to the area just between the gum line and tooth in order to remove the buildup plaque. Similarly floss each tooth in this manner.
  4. Use the oral irrigator as an additional step or in the place of flossing in the cleaning process. One should direct the water stream at the right angle along the gum line. Hold the stream for about 5 or 6 seconds between each tooth. Continue this process until all the areas between and around the teeth have been irrigated.
  5. Lastly, rinse the mouth with mouthwash and then gargle and swish.

The above steps discusses about the steps to clean the teeth properly to prevent oral and dental problems along with associated health problems.

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