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Wisdom Tooth Extraction Procedure

Nursing-CariesThe procedure of the wisdom tooth extraction is the surgical procedure. But, the dentist takes the X-ray of an impacted wisdom tooth before the wisdom tooth extraction procedure. This helps to know the positioning of the impacted tooth and gives an idea about its removal. In this article, there is a brief discussion on the procedure of the wisdom tooth extraction.

Wisdom tooth extraction procedure

  1. If the wisdom tooth is beneath the gum line or under the gum surface then the oral surgeon will cut the gum lining, creating a gum lining flap near the wisdom tooth.
  2. Later, he/she may be required to remove the small amount of the jaw bone in order to reach the underlying wisdom tooth.
  3. For such cases, surgeon uses the high-speed cutting instrument or tool under the water irrigation. Possibly the surgeon removes a least amount of jaw bone.
  4. Then, based on the wisdom tooth position, the surgeon extracts the wisdom tooth by cutting or breaking into smaller fragments as it is easier to remove small sections of the tooth.
  5. Once the wisdom tooth is removed, the surgeon places back the gum tissue flap and closes it by stitching with the dissolvable sutures.
  6. Lastly, after the procedure of wisdom tooth extraction, the patients is given pain killers and other medications along with some precaution to take carefully.

The above article discusses about the wisdom tooth extraction procedure. The procedure for all the patients is same but the recovery time may vary based on an individuals immune system, position of the impacted wisdom tooth and jaw bone.

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