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Top 8 Tips for Dental Caries Prevention

Oral Hygiene Practices for InfantsDental caries are a result of decay of the tooth cavity. Bacteria which are naturally present in the mouth cause demineralization of the tooth enamel leading to enamel decay, which ultimately results in dental caries. Thus, individuals must use some dental caries prevention measures to avoid them. In this article, there is a brief discussion on the top 8 tips for the prevention of dental caries.

Top 8 tips for dental caries prevention

  1. Water fluoridation:

    This is one of the best ways for the prevention of root and coronal caries.

  2. Fluoride supplements:

    People living in areas with low fluoride supply in the water need to take fluoride supplements with careful adherence and with low dosage schedules.

  3. Fluoride mouth rinses and topical application:

    Professional applications of topical fluoride and self-administered mouth rinses containing fluoride is very helpful for those individuals who are at higher risk for caries in future or who have very active tooth decay.

  4. Fluoride dentifrices:

    These need to given under special supervision and those individuals need to follow the prescription carefully. Young kids are advised to use only small amounts.

  5. Fissure sealants:

    Professional application of fissure sealants for the selective use on the permanent molar teeth just after the caries eruption.

  6. Tooth brushing with fluoride containing toothpaste is a little less effective than the above preventive measures. But it helps to remove the bacterial growth and prevent plaque formation. Thus, it prevents caries.
  7. Flossing:

    Frequently flossing helps to remove the hidden plaque formation between the teeth and gums and thus prevents the demineralization of the tooth enamel and caries formation.

  8. Medications:

    Some of the different medications for the dental caries prevention are as follows:

    • Fluoride
    • Fluor-A-Day
    • Fluorinse
    • Fluorigard
    • NeutralFluor
    • Fluotic
    • Thera-Flur-N
    • Stop
    • Stan-gard
    • PreviDent 5000
    • Phos-Flur Rinse
    • Phos-Flur
    • PreviDent
    • Pharmaflur
    • Luride
    • Lozi-Flu
    • Gel-Kam Rinse
    • Gel-Kam
    • Flura-Loz
    • Fluor-Drops

The above listed are some of the top 8 tips for dental caries prevention. Individuals using any type of medications need to follow the doctors’prescription carefully.

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