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Wisdom Tooth Extraction Infection

Wisdom Tooth ExtractionWisdom tooth extraction is generally done when the erupting wisdom tooth disrupts the adjacent teeth that causes discomfort and pain which could be intolerable. Thus, the patient might require extraction of the wisdom tooth. But, in some cases, this wisdom tooth extraction can cause infection and they may show various signs and symptoms. This is generally a result of improper care and hygiene during the extraction of the wisdom teeth. In this article, there is a brief discussion on the wisdom tooth extraction infection.

How to identify wisdom tooth extraction infection?

If there is any infection after the wisdom tooth extraction, then it shows various signs and symptoms.

  • These include pain which lasts for more than 48 hours after the extraction procedure.
  • Swelling near the site of the tooth extracted and on the face.
  • Bad or foul smell comes from the mouth.
  • Fever can also be a sign in some individuals due to intolerable pain after the tooth extraction.

These are some of the signs and symptoms of wisdom tooth extraction infection.

What are the wisdom tooth extraction significance?

  • Infection of the extracted wisdom tooth is generally due to the bacteria in the mouth which attack the extracted and cause various serious consequences.
  • If bacteria from the mouth enter the gums just after the removal of the wisdom tooth, then it can enter into the blood stream and this results in serious health problems by affecting other arts of the body.
  • Thus, if you feel that you are developing any signs and symptoms of infection then immediately consult your dentist and take some antibiotics for prevention.

The above article discusses about the wisdom tooth extraction infection. If you develop any signs of infection and if the pain continues even after 48 hours after the tooth extraction, then visit your dentists for further treatment and prevention of the infection.

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