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Wisdom Teeth Infection Treatment

Oral-Submucous-FibrosisWisdom teeth are usually the maxillary and mandibular third molars that erupt between 18 to 21 or 24 years of age. In some individuals it can cause pain and other discomforts and these should be treated within time. In this article, there is a brief discussion on the wisdom teeth infection treatment. Let us examine them.

Wisdom teeth infection treatment

Patients who develop wisdom teeth infection should consult a dentist, if they are sufering with intolerable pain and should follow the prescription carefully.

  • Regular dental checkup:

    It is very necessary, as perocoronitis could be diagnosed only by the professional dentist across the clinical examination.

  • Antibiotics:

    Use prescribed antibiotics by your dentist as they help to reduce infection and pain from the wisdom teeth. But, if the wisdom tooth remains within its same position, then the infection could be repetitive. Thus, in such a case, wisdom tooth extraction would be advised for patients if the infection of the tooth is under control.

  • Pus removal:

    The treatment for wisdom teeth infection involves the cleaning of the infected area, which includes the removal of pus. Thus, in this way decaying of the tooth could be avoided.

  • Use natural home remedies as it helps in the treatment of the wisdom teeth infection.
  • Warm salt water solution:

    Use warn salt water as it effectively helps in the treatment. Rinsing with the warm salt water solution helps to relieve the pain from wisdom teeth and swishing with solution prepared by using warm water and salt helps soothe the gum area.

  • Oral hygiene:

    Proper dental and oral care helps in preventing the worsening of the teeth infection.

  • Clove oil:

    Use a cotton swab, dip it in the clove oil and place it against the wisdom tooth, as it helps to relieve pain.

  • Cloves:

    Take 1 or 2 cloves, place it in your mouth, chew it for a while and press the crushed clove against the infected tooth as it could also help to reduce the pain from the infected wisdom tooth.

  • Camphor oil:

    Apply camphor oil on the infected wisdom tooth as it helps to lower the effect of the pain.

  • Eating softer foods:

    To avoid the infection of the wisdom teeth just after the tooth removal, patients should eat soft foods at the initial stages and later gradually they can include solid foods in their diet as it helps in fast healing.

  • Patients should not touch the healing area of the wisdom teeth infection with the tongue post the surgery. This is because it can spread the infection and also cause oozing of blood slightly in some cases.
  • Medicines:

    Use the prescribed medicines by your dentist as it helps in faster treatment.

  • Cold and fluid diet:

    It will be more beneficial if you could restrict to fluid and cold diet post after the surgery.

Why wisdom teeth treatment is necessary?

Wisdom teeth treatment is necessary when the tooth has failed to develop or emerge fully in its expected position. This failure usually occurs due to the insufficient jaw for the wisdom tooth or either due to the improper angulation of the wisdom tooth or other tooth.

Indications for the removal of wisdom tooth

Wisdom tooth usually causes problems while they erupt through the gums partially. Thus, the most common reasons for the wisdom teeth removal are bacteria, decay saliva and food particles which can collected near the impacted wisdom tooth, making it or the adjacent tooth to decay. Thus, it difficult to remove that decay. Infection and pain will usually follow.

The above article discusses about the wisdom teeth infection treatment. If you develop such a condition consult your dentist, diagnose it and follow the prescription carefully.

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