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Symptoms of Wisdom Tooth Extraction Infection

Wisdom Tooth Extraction InfectionWisdom tooth extraction or removal is generally done due to improper hygiene during the extraction procedure. Thus, due to the improper hygiene individuals might develop infections post after the extraction. The symptoms of wisdom tooth extraction infections are common and if any individual develops this symptoms then they need to consult their dentists immediately. In this article, there is a brief discussion of the wisdom tooth extraction infection symptoms. Let us examine them.

Wisdom tooth extraction infection symptoms

Post extraction of the wisdom tooth, some individuals can develop signs and symptoms of wisdom tooth due to the improper hygiene and care during the extraction procedure. The symptoms of wisdom tooth extraction infection are as follows.

  • Pain:

    Pain is common among patients post after the extraction, but if it continues for longer time intervals then it is a sign of infection at the site of the tooth removal.

  • Inflammation of the gums:

    Due to the bacterial activity near the site of the tooth removal, the gums could be become inflamed.

  • Swollen gum tissue:

    Patients can also develop swollen gum tissue as a sign of to the infection.

  • Bad smell inside the mouth:

    Naturally bacteria are present in the mouth and other parts of the body. But, when the bacterial growth increases inside the mouth, an individual experiences foul or bad swell inside the mouth.

  • Bad or metallic like taste inside the mouth:

    Patients who have poor oral hygiene or increased bacterial growth can also experience metallic or bad taste inside the mouth.

  • Pus or fluid discharge:

    Discharge of pus or fluid from the gum or from the site of the infected wisdom tooth can be another symptoms of the infection after the removal of the wisdom tooth.

  • Impacted wisdom teeth:

    This usually leads to infection, but is also leads to swelling of the affected site and side of the face.

  • Swollen lymph nodes underneath the jaw:

    Bacteria present in the mouth can enter into the blood stream and infect the lymph nodes resulting in the swollen lymph nodes of the jaw.

  • Muscle spasms:

    Though this is a rare symptom, but muscle spams can occur in the jaw, and may result in severe unbearable pain.

The above article discusses about the symptoms of wisdom tooth extraction infection.

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