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Tooth Extraction Infection – Signs and Symptoms

Oral-Submucous-FibrosisTooth extractions are very common for the problematic impacted tooth or wisdom tooth. They are generally done due to various reasons or complications. But, there might be some tooth extraction infection even after the extraction of the tooth and it shows various signs and symptoms. Let us examine various signs and symptoms of tooth extraction infection which are discussed below in this article.

Tooth extraction infection – Signs and Symptoms

  • Pain:

    Pain is very common after the tooth extraction, but if it increases after 48 hours after the extraction of the tooth, then it is a clear indication that there is some underlying problem near the site.

  • Bleeding:

    This is one of the common sign and symptom of tooth extraction infection. Bleeding can start just after the extraction of the tooth. But, if you notice that it continues to bleed even after the 48 hours after the tooth extraction, then it is the sign of infection at the extracted site. The infection is generally caused by the bacterial growth at the infection site.

  • Swelling near the extraction site:

    If you experience swelling near the infection site then is a clear sign that the tooth extraction site is infected.

  • Swelling of the face:

    This is another sign of tooth extraction infection. The swelling from the extraction tooth site could spread to the surrounding areas and also to the face.

The above listed are the common signs and symptoms of tooth extraction infection. If you experience any of these condition then immediately consult your dentist. But, it is better to go for a checkup after the tooth is extracted even if there are no signs and symptoms of infection. These sign and symptoms occur because of the bacterial activity near the site of the extracted tooth. Thus, if proper care is not taken by your dentists during the extraction process, then they may grow, reproduce and infect the site causing different signs and symptoms.

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