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How to Avoid Black Spots on Teeth?

Fluoride-ToxicityBlack spots on teeth are nothing but cavities. When bacteria utilize food residue and release acids, they cause damage of the tooth enamel resulting in brown or black spots. They may be either visible on the surface of the tooth or hidden in between the teeth. One can easily notice the visible surface cavities or tooth discolorations but cannot see the hidden ones. Thus, one should find ways to avoid black spots on the teeth. In this article, there is a brief discussion on ways to avoid black spots on the teeth. Let us examine them. This article also discusses how you can remove black spots using home remedies and natural ways.

Regular dental cleanings

  1. Brushing: This is an important dental hygiene practice. Every individual should brush their teeth at least twice in a day, once in the morning and once before going to bed.
  2. Rinsing: After a meal time, rinsing with water could help to remove the stuck food between the teeth. This prevents the attack of bacterial action and acid production.
  3. Include Fluoride and Calcium: Fluoride is an essential element which helps to fight against germs and maintains dental health. Thus, use fluoride toothpaste to brush your teeth. Ensure you get adequate amount of fluoride in your drinking water supply and if not use fluoride supplements recommended by your dentist. Regularly drink milk or include calcium supplements in your diet. This element makes the teeth strong and also helps to prevent tooth cracks.
  4. Diet: Maintain a healthy diet including nutritious foods for healthy teeth as it helps to maintain the teeth health and helps fight against germs. Avoid greasy foods as much as possible. These foods must be avoided as they easily get stuck to the teeth and on bacterial action; they result in the formation of brown or black spots. Also try to avoid white sugar foods and products. These should be avoided as they also cause black spots on the teeth.
  5. Drink plenty of fluids: Include plenty of fluids in your diet which you can tolerate and drink frequently. This helps to flush away the micro flora (particularly bacteria) and also prevents the drying of the mouth. Avoid aerated and carbonated drinks. One should avoid them as they might cause black spot formation on the teeth.
  6. Include plenty of fruits and raw vegetables: One should include raw vegetables and fruits in their diet as they help to prevent tooth decay, black spots and also help to maintain dental health. Some of these foods include raw carrots, apples, leafy green vegetables, turnip greens, parsley, etc. Also, include nuts, whole grains and legumes. They also contain essential supplements thus help in dental health and prevent black spots.
  7. Regular dental check: One should always go for a regular dental checkup as it helps prevent underlying dental and oral problems and diseases.

Good dental checkup

  • The first step in preventing black spots on teeth is to have a proper dental checkup.
  • Look for a competent dentist who focuses on proactive and preventive dentistry (one who helps people to avoid cavities). See advice from you family doctor or talk to people in your community to find a great dentist.
  • Before you go for the dental check you must know about your teeth. It is important that you learn a little about your teeth like numbering of each tooth, so that it will be easy to discuss certain dental issues with the dentists. For instance, learn the numbering of each tooth start numbering from the upper right wisdom tooth as 1 to the lower right wisdom teeth as 32. Know if you have any problem or pain in any specific tooth.
  • On regular intervals make an appointment with your dentists and go for a dental checkup. Make sure that your dental hygienist cleans the teeth thoroughly. If they miss flossing or cleaning a tooth, speak up.
  • When you go for panoramic x-rays, make sure that the x-rays are taken on each and every tooth, as these x-rays shows all the teeth and the whole mouth. Some insurance pay for only once in 3 to 5 years but if you could pay and have an X-ray once in every year. But, these additional expenses will be worth it.
  • These ‘bitewing’ X-rays generally show only a few teeth at one time. You make sure that your dentists get a x-ray picture of each tooth in full size, particularly in the back. In some cases, the dentist can miss getting the knowledge or wisdom tooth or the tooth beside it in the X-ray. Suppose if there is a hidden cavity then the dentist can miss it. Thus, ask the dentist to see each tooth with the number in the X-rays.
  • Ensure that your dentist visualizes and inspects each tooth in the X-ray. The dentist requires a mirror to check each tooth particularly the back teeth and make sure he/she checks thoroughly in the back teeth for cavities.
  • Ask him/her to discuss the X-ray reports with you, you check them and if you notice anything such as a shade on the tooth then speak to your dentist.

Home remedies for black spots on teeth

  • Bay leaf: Use bay leaf to treat black spots, as they help to prevent them. This is because of the chemical- cineole present in it which helps in killing dental bacteria.
  • Sea salt and baking soda: Take equal parts of sea salt and baking soda and mix them well. Use this powder to clean your teeth. This effectively prevents black spots.
  • Sea salt and tartar: Take equal parts of sea salt and tartar, mix it well and use to clean your teeth. This also helps to remove tartar and also to remove black spots.
  • Strawberries: They are very helpful and efficient as a tooth cleaner. Take fresh strawberries, cut it into two half or bite it into two parts and use the inner portion to rub the teeth or for cleaning the teeth.
  • Licorice: This also helps in killing the bacteria inside the mouth which cause dental carriers, as it contains indole and glycyrrhizin. Use licorice powder for cleaning your teeth.
  • Lime: Use lime juice once in a while or in a month to rub the teeth as it helps to clean the teeth and also help makes them shine.
  • Water: Use water after meal to drink and also to rinse your mouth. This helps to remove the stuck food particles from the teeth, thereby preventing decay of the tooth enamel and formation of black spots on teeth.

The methods mentioned above are simple ways of avoid black spots formation and home remedies for them. One can use these remedies as they help to treat and prevent them.

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