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Black Gum Disease -Signs and Symptoms

Pit-and-FissureBlack gum disease is also referred to as NUP or Necrotizing Ulcerative Periodontitis. In this condition, the gum tissue becomes dead or necrotic and the condition becomes quickly severe and needs immediate medical attention. Black gum diseases shows some signs and symptoms which are discussed below in this article.

Black gum disease

The majority of gum or periodontal diseases are progressive and they begin with an early inflammation of the gums, which is referred to as reversible gingivitis. In this condition, the bacterial plaque makes the gums tender, red and puffy with occasional bleeding over a time period. Black gum disease is a necrotizing kind of condition and it differs from most other disorders progressive process. As black gum disease could become serious and severe very quickly and it also require immediate medical treatment. Thus, this disease is also referred to as NUP or Necrotizing Ulcerative Periodontitis, as it not only infects the gum tissue but also kills it, that it, the gum black tissue is the dead or necrotic tissue.

Black gum disease – signs and symptoms

  • Necrotic or black tissue:

    Individuals develop black and necrotic tissue appearance where the tissue is dead.

  • Deep ulcerations:

    This could be seen at the edges of the gums in the bone, This osseous craters develop a distinct appearance when compared to other types of disease processeses.

  • According to the AETC or AIDS Education and Training Centers, many cases have exhibits necrotic parts of the proximal maxilla and mandible as well as necrotic bone.
  • Jaw pain:

    Individuals with black gum disease may develop a sudden and severe onset of deep pain in the jaw.

  • Foul breath or odor:

    Patient with disease may experience foul breath or odor.

  • Metallic taste inside the mouth:

    Individuals who have moderate disease of black gum will experience metallic taste within the mouth.

  • Inability to chew food:

    Due to excess pain, an individual with black gum disease might not be able chew the food properly or eat the food.

  • Malnutrition:

    Due to the patients’ inability to eat food, he/she might come under malnutrition, deprived of nutrients.

  • Blunted inter-dental tissue space:

    Individuals might develop blunted inter-dental tissue space than the normal cone-shaped.

The above listed are the black gum disease and its signs and symptoms.

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