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Causes of Tooth Enamel Loss

Oral-Submucous-FibrosisLoss of the tooth enamel generally occurs when there is a reaction of between the acids from the foods and minerals of the tooth enamel. There are many causes of tooth enamel loss. These causes could be either intrinsic or extrinsic and can gradually dissolve the enamel of the tooth from the tooth surface. In this article, there is a brief discussion on the loss of tooth enamel causes.

Causes of tooth enamel loss

  1. Frequent intake of acidic drinks and foods:

    This is the major cause for the loss of tooth enamel.

    • Fresh fruits and fruit juices:

      Even though, these are considered as the healthy foods, but their over-consumption isn’t the best option for the teeth, as these foods are very low in pH, thus acidic. Most of the popular soft drinks, diet drinks, sports drinks and carbonated drinks are also acidic. Even the fizzy mineral water could be acidic.

    • Some of the extrinsic dietary acids which are common include carbonic acid, malic acid, ascorbic acid, phosphoric acid and citric acid.
    • The erosive potential of the acidic drinks doesn’t depend on its pH alone. Also, there are some other factors such as method and frequency of intake of the acidic beverages. In addition to this, the proximity of brushing after the intake of acidic food might influence the teeth erosion susceptibility.
    • Reducing the contact of acids (sugary fluids) with the teeth by drinking with a straw helps in preventing the loss of tooth enamel.
    • On the contrary, using the sugary drinks or fluids to swish around the teeth will increase the exposure of the teeth to the acids.
  2. Medicines:

    Some medicines are also acidic, thus, they are erosive. They can also cause tooth enamel loss when the teeth come in direct contact with these medicines just prior to swallowing or while chewing.

  3. Environmental factors:

    These include chlorine and other harmful chemicals present in the swimming pools that can cause tooth enamel loss.

The above listed are some of the causes of tooth enamel loss. Try to reduce their contact with the teeth in order to prevent the loss of tooth enamel.

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