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Causes of Jaw Pain

Oral-Submucous-FibrosisJaw pain can be a result of many different reason. There might other different oral and dental conditions which could be the cause. The causes of jaw pain vary from one individual to the other. If you experience jaw pain then immediately consult your dentist to find the exact cause and for a better treatment. In this article, there is a brief discussion on the jaw pain causes. Let us examine them.

Causes of jaw pain

  1. Abrupt use or overuse or hard use of the jaw:

    • One among the most common causes of jaw pain is over straining or overuse of jaw muscles and jaw.
    • Eating very tough or hard foods or excessive clenching of your jaw will tear out the jaw muscles and also lead to soreness or pain.
    • Similarly, grinding the teeth while sleeping can also cause pain in the jaw, since the jaw muscles are engaged involuntarily throughout the night.
    • Another common cause of jaw pain is nail biting due to the overuse of the jaw.
    • Jaw pain which is caused by the muscular soreness and overuse can often be cured and prevented by giving a proper rest to the jaw.
    • One of the major difficulties in preventing the jaw pain due to the overuse is its cause. Because the overuse is often habitual or involuntary, that means it often necessary to have a disciplined and conscious effort to prevent the jaw pain.
  2. Jaw damage and dental problems:

    There are several dental conditions which can lead to jaw pain.

    • Impacted wisdom teeth, these are the common source of pain in the jaw as the wisdom teeth pushes the bottom or sides of the existing molars.
    • Toothache, cavities and arthritis in the jaw bone can also lead to jaw pain.
    • Dental surgery is most likely to cause pain in the jaw until and the jaw and mouth heals fully.
    • Anything which causes trauma to the jaw and chin area also has a greater chance of causing jaw or tooth pain.
    • Tightening up of the muscles and ligaments surrounding the jaw can also be another cause of jaw pain.
    • Jaw is a part that is a fair sensitive and it requires a good alignment as to keep the teeth and mouth in alignment and also to allow them to come together properly. As any blunt forces when applied to the jaw can knock or break the jaw out of its alignment which could lead to persistent pain in the jaw.
  3. Other conditions:

    • Pain in the jaw can also be caused by numerous other conditions which might not be associated with the jaw area.
      Migraine headaches often can lead to the sensation of pain in the jaw.
    • Similarly, swollen glands and sinus infection can also cause jaw pain. Since, glands can be swollen due to common infections like cold by viruses, pain in the jaw might seem inexplicable.
    • Parotid gland inflammation due to inflammation (Sjogren’s disease) or infection (Bacterial infections) might also cause pain in the jaw.
    • Infectious conditions such as sinusitis, actinomycosis, tetanus and osteomyelitis (bone infection) may also lead to jaw pain.
    • Head and neck cancers may be present with jaw pain.
    • Tic douleroux or Trigeminal neuralgia is a painful irritation of fifth cranial nerve which can lead to intense jaw pain.
    • Heart attack is another potentially lethal reason or cause of pain in the jaw. Jaw pain accompanied by nausea, chest tightness or sweating demands an immediate medical attention.

The above listed are some of the causes of jaw pain. As jaw pain occurs due to a variety of causes, it is wise that you contact a doctor or a dentist and diagnose the condition to find the exact cause of your jaw pain condition and a better treatment. Because some of the severe medical conditions like cyst or tumor can also lead to jaw pain.

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