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How to Manage Toothache Pain?

Oral Hygiene Practices for InfantsToothache pain can occur due to various reasons, mainly due to infection of the tooth, nerves and blood vessels of the tooth with bacteria. It is not so easy to manage toothache/pain especially when it is holiday or a weekend or when you cannot reach your dentists immediately and if the pain is real and intense. In such a case, you should buy for yourself a little patience and even manage the toothache pain the best as possible as you can. Thus, try these simple ways in order to manage the pain and tooth ache which are discusses in this article.

Ways to manage toothache pain

The aching and throbbing pain which comes from the tooth could be the worst pain that is unimaginable and it always happens at the most inappropriate or not suitable items. But, there are different ways which you can use to manage and to reduce the aching pain from a toothache until you get medical attention from your dentist.

  • Try over-the-counter medications to medicate the toothache pain for pain relief. While you intake any medication make sure that you follow the directions and take appropriate dosage without over exceeding the dosage amount. This can help to relieve the inflammation and dull the pain where the specific tooth is causing.
  • Apply over-the-counter medications such as oral analgesic ointment, which are the pain relievers that are specifically made for the oral and dental problems. Apply the ointment near the gum line and the surrounding areas around the aching tooth, as it helps numb and dull the toothache and pain.
  • Floss around an affected tooth as it will remove the debris and food which had gotten stuck between the gum line and the teeth that has been the cause for toothache/pain and irritation. Later, rinse with a mouthwash or a solution of half warm water and half peroxide. This also helps clean away the infection which might be present. This helps to relive pain and inflammation.
  • Use natural home remedies to treat the problem. Use cotton swab, dip it in clove oil and place in the tooth cavity or you crush a garlic clove and place in the tooth cavity or near the affected tooth. They help to reduce the inflammation and pain.
  • Use cold or warm compressors as they help relieve the pain and ache due to an affected tooth. Place wrapped ice in a cloth or a warm tea bag against the side of your face where the aching or pain is present.

The above listed are some of the ways to manage a toothache/pain. They effectively treat the condition, but they work temporarily. Try different home remedies which are effective and safe.

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