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What Causes Pain in the Lymph Nodes in Jaw?

Oral-Submucous-FibrosisThe pain inside the lymph nodes in jaw can be due to various reasons. Thus, it is very important that you consider any of the other signs and symptoms which you might be experiencing in order to determine the causes of pain in the lymph nodes. Unfortunately, there are many different conditions which may cause painful lymph nodes in the jaw.

Causes of pain in the lymph nodes in jaw

The lymph node pain causes in the jaw are listed below.

  • TMJ:

    This is one of the condition which causes pain in the lymph nodes of the jaw. The symptoms of this condition include pain around the ear and in the jaw, along with difficulty in chewing. In severe condition of TMJ, it causes a clicking sound specifically while the movement of the jaw, such as opening and closing of the jaw along with the pain in the lymph nodes of the jaw.

  • Dry socket:

    This is another condition which causes painful lymph nodes in the jaw. This condition occurs after the tooth extraction where the nerves and the bones become exposed. This condition is characterized with the swollen lymph nodes all around the neck and by intense pain inside the jaw and mouth.

  • Sinusitis:

    It is an inflammation in the sinuses and nasal passages. This condition is characterized by pressure inside the jaw area, cheek, nose and eye and headache. If this condition is left untreated, then the lymph nodes might become swollen and even painful.

  • Mononucleosis:

    This is an infection due to a virus which often affects young adults and children. It is characterized by the swollen lymph nodes, intense pain within the jaw and throat, high fever, fatigue and weakness.

The above listed are some of the causes of pain in the lymph nodes in the jaw. The pain in the jaw can also occur due to various causes and reasons. However, to ease the jaw pain, avoid significant movements and pressure on the jaw, like as chewing and talking excessively. Avoid crunchy and semi-hard foods, instead intake soft foods which do not need much of the jaw movement. Applying a warm compressor and massaging the jaw on the swollen and painful lymph nodes might ease the pain.

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