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Gum Infection Symptoms

Oral-Submucous-FibrosisA gum infection can be caused due to the micro-flora accumulation inside the mouth near the gum area which causes infection of the gums. These gum infection symptoms are similar to other infections inside the mouth. Generally, these gum infections are caused by the accumulation of the bacteria near the gum area causing infections. This can cause abscess, great pain and can also result in more serious infections, such as gum diseases, which should be treated quickly. Let us examine symptoms of gum infections which are discussed below in this article.

Gum infection symptoms

  • Pain:

    This is the most common symptom of any infection inside the body. Similarly, gum infection also causes gum pain which could be mild, moderate to severe.

  • Swollen gums:

    The gums become swollen due to the infection of the gum area by the bacterial growth.

  • Bleeding gums:

    As the gum area is infected by bacteria, these organisms damage the cells and tissues in the gums and cause bleeding from the gums.

  • Chronic bad breath:

    This is another common symptom of bacterial infections inside the mouth. Because of the bacterial growth inside the mouth, a chronic bad breath can be a result of infection.

  • Visible pus:

    This is one among the symptoms of bacterial infections. These infections causes the production of pus from the infected gum area.

The above listed are some of the gum infection symptoms. If you experience any of these symptoms then immediately consult your dentist to prevent the progression of the condition and for a better treatment.

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