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Gum Cancer Symptoms and Signs

Oral-Submucous-FibrosisGum cancer or gingival cancer is cancer of the gums. In this condition, there is a malignant growth or multiplication or abnormal growth of the cells within the gum tissue. The gum cancer symptoms and signs vary in individuals.let us examine the symptoms and signs of gum cancer which are briefly discussed in this article.

Gum cancer symptoms and signs

The symptoms of gum cancer can be often mistaken with other dental problems that are less serious and are even easily treatable. But, majority of gum cancer cases are usually predicted after the condition has been advanced. Some of the symptoms and signs which are also associated with the other problems or other disease are as follows.

  1. Gum pain:

    This is the first and the foremost symptom of gum cancer which is often mistaken as other problem or disorder. Gum pain is caused due to the malignant growth of the cells in the tissue of the gum.

  2. Gum swelling:

    Malignancy of the cells within the gum tissue leads to swelling of the gum. Due to the abnormal growth of the cells, swelling of the gums occur.

  3. Gum mass:

    Gum mass may be due to the accumulation of abnormal and irregular growth of the cells, a mass like tissue is formed inside the gum.

  4. Gum ulceration:

    Some other common symptoms include gum ulceration, formation of ulcers nearby the gum area or in the gums.

  5. Gum bleeding:

    This is another symptom in patients suffering with gum cancer, they may have unexpected bleeding even without any injury or bruise and without any specific reason.

The above listed are some of the gum cancer symptoms and signs. Typical symptoms include a lesion or sore on the gums (which do not heal within 2 weeks), difficulty swallowing, problems with chewing or speaking, unusual sensation such as pain or numbness on the gums, a painless or painful lump on the gums, etc.

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