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What are the Symptoms of Jaw Cancer?

Oral-Submucous-FibrosisJaw cancer symptoms might certainly put an individual in an uncomfortable situation, as it interferes and irritates while normal eating habits. There are some symptoms of jaw cancer noticeable in the affected individual. Individual affected with jaw cancer generally have difficulty while chewing the food, as it causes pain. In this article, there is a brief discussion on the jaw cancer symptoms. Let us examine them.

Symptoms of Jaw cancer

Jaw cancer usually causes noticeable symptoms in a person affected with it. Some of the common cancer symptoms of the jaw are as follows.

  • Acute pain:

    This is one among the most common symptoms and signs of jaw cancer. Individuals suffering with jaw cancer develop acute pain in their jaw, especially while eating and drinking.

  • Swollen jaw:

    Patients suffering with cancer in the jaw also experience swollen jaw, this is because of the malignant tumor development inside the jaw. Thus, they experience swollen jaw along with extreme pain. The tissues inside the jaw also become swollen which could certainly bring large amount of pain.

  • Tingling sensation inside the jaw:

    This tingling sensation is one of the symptoms of jaw cancer where the patient experiences pricking of the pins in the jaw along its line, where the jaw isn’t moving. Patients generally experience this unusual behavior during sleep.

  • Numbness in the jaw:

    Individuals suffering with jaw cancer might also experience numbness in their jaw.

  • Abnormal growth of jaw bone:

    People affected with jaw cancer might also develop abnormal growth inside the jaw bone. This usually makes the patients feel that something is wrong inside a jaw bone and also cause pain. Thus, this painful lump can be thoroughly examined through an oral examination of the jaw. This uneven borders of jaw bone due to the jaw cancer could also be detected clearly with the use of X-rays.

The above listed are some of the most common symptoms of jaw cancer. People affected with this individual usually develop one or more symptoms and signs. If you experience any of the above symptoms, then immediately consult your dentist or doctor. This can also be prevented by regular dental check ups, as along with the teeth examination, your doctor also examines your oral condition.

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