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Tips for Gum Cancer Prevention

Sealant-ApplicationGum cancer is also referred to as gingival cancer, and is the cancer of the gum. In this condition, there is a malignant growth or multiplication or abnormal growth of cells of the gum tissue. This can occur due to various reasons, but there are some simple tips for gum cancer prevention. Let us examine those tips which are discussed below in this article.

Tips for gum cancer prevention

As prevention is better than cure, gum cancer could be better prevented instead of curing. There are some simple tips which help to prevent gum cancer, which are as follows.

  • Regular dental visit and check up is one of the most simplest method to prevent gum cancer. As it helps to find any abnormal growth of cell or lumps in the gums.
  • One should always correct their dental problems within time.
  • Avoid smoking, as it the major cause of many health problems and diseases.
  • Avoid chewing tobacco as this also has the similar affect on the health.
  • Avoid the intake of alcohol or minimize the consumption of alcohol as it results in health disorders.
  • Practicing good hygiene of the mouth is another best option to avoid the occurrence of gum cancer.

Statistics of gum cancer

  • Approximately about 50 percent of population with gum cancer are expected to live 5 years and even more after the diagnosis and treatment.
  • Early detection of gum cancer is quite advantageous as it helps to cure the condition with 75% of cure rate. Because it prevents the spread of the cancer to other inner tissues.
  • But, unfortunately, above 50 percent of the gum cancer cases are said to be detected in their advanced stage. This is due to mere negligence and mistaken identity.
  • Almost about 25 percent of the gum or gingival cancer deaths are due to late or delay detection, identification, diagnosis and treatment.

The above listed are the simple tips for the gum cancer prevention. Follow this easy steps as it helps in to preventing gum or other oral cancer. Regular dental check up and good oral hygiene are the best ways to prevent them.

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