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Symptoms of Tongue Cancer

tnge-cancerAmong the different kinds of oral cancer, tongue cancer is one of them. It is a serious type of cancer which can occur on any part of the tongue. There are many symptoms of oral cancer which one can develop when infected with tongue cancer. In this article, there is a brief discussion on the symptoms of tongue cancer.

Tongue cancer symptoms

Tongue cancer is also known as mouth cancer especially when the spots of the cancer develop on the front part of the tongue (this is the part which one can move it around). When the cancer spots develop on the lower end or base of the tongue which is attaches or near the back of the throat, then it is referred to as orophararyngeal cancer. However, both the types of cancer will develop similar symptoms at an early stage.

  • Red or white spot:

    • Patients suffering with either mouth tongue cancer or oropharyngeal tongue cancer may notice a very small- or small- to medium-sized white or red spot on the tongue.
    • It might be difficult to see on the back of the tongue, but if you feel a growth or if you feel discomfort, then try to use a mirror and a flashlight to observe it carefully.
    • Patients might also develop a sore inside the mouth which may not heal. This can also occur as a sore throat or a sore spot on the patients tongue.
  • Pain:

    • One of the common symptom is slight pain to severe pain especially while chewing food or while swallowing food, which is found at an early stage in the development of the tongue cancer.
    • However, this pain is also common for other infections such as cold sore or a strep throat.
    • Pain can also be an indication of the throat cancer in some patients.
  • Unexplained bleeding:

    • Some patients experience unexplained bleeding from their mouth due to tongue cancer development.
  • Bad breath:

    • This condition of tongue cancer might create bad breath inside the mouth.
    • It produces an unbearable infection-like smell inside the mouth as a result of tongue cancer.
    • However, one should be careful because this smell is typically different from bad breath, so make sure that you won’t get confused between the two.
  • Bad taste:

    • This is another symptom of tongue cancer.
    • This condition causes a metallic-like taste inside the mouth.

The above discussed are some of the symptoms of tongue cancer. If you experience or notice any of these symptoms then immediately consult your doctor or dentist. This condition can be avoided at an early stage with the help of regular dental visits.

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