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Cure for Persistent Mouth Ulcers

mouth-brthngMost people suffering with recurrent mouth ulcers try to find the exact cause of the problem. But, they end up frustrated because even some dentists do not have little or even no knowledge about the cause of persistent mouth ulcers. Ulcers are usually quite painful and they may cause discomfort especially while doing the daily activities such as brushing, eating and speaking. You should not give up or live with the discomfort and pain, because they can be prevented, avoided and treated (treatment with medical methods).

Thus, there are some ways to cure persistent mouth ulcers, which are discussed below.

Persistent mouth ulcers cure

  • Be aware of the signs and symptoms of mouth ulcers. They may include painful, round sore ulcers inside your cheeks, on the tongue or on the gums surrounded by the tender, swollen skin. Pain is usually caused due to the loss of mucosal membranes and the exposure of underlying nerves. Thus, it is difficult for those individuals who suffer from ulcers to eat, brush the teeth and to speak. They also cause discomfort during these activities especially while eating because of sour, spicy or salty foods which irritate your mouth.
  • Start with the preventive measures as they work well, if the mouth ulcers are a result of a natural cause, instead of a fungus, virus or any underlying disease. Include good oral hygiene habits such as brushing twice daily, flossing regularly and following a healthy diet with all the essential nutrient supplements. Regularly go for a dental visit as it helps to avoid and prevent all the possible complications such as bacterial infections, tooth abscess, inflammation or bacterial infection.
  • Find the exact cause of the problem, because the treatment may vary for different individuals. Mouth ulcers are most commonly caused due to the damage by biting, misaligned teeth, harsh brushing or improper or poor brushing or continual irritation by cosmetic dentistry such as braces. They may also be caused due to fungal infections (oral thrush), bacterial or viral infections (HSV-1) or autoimmune diseases. Over 21 percent of people suffer with this kind of mouth ulcers.
  • Remember that mouth ulcers are mostly caused due to simple, natural occurrences (biting), which cause damage or loss of the mucous lining of the mouth. However, they will heal naturally and quickly within one or two weeks. Use salted warm water to rinse your mouth or use natural home remedies to treat the condition as they act effectively. One can also use medicated mouthwashes and rinses to treat the condition.
  • Patients wearing dentures should make sure that their dentures fit properly. They need to go for a regular dental check up.
  • Consult your dentist for the diagnosis if the condition persists, recurs regularly or worsens. If the condition is due to herpes or thrush then you should take antiviral or antifungal medications. One can also apply antiseptic gels, or take pain-killing medications or anti-inflammatory drugs, as they aid in the persistent mouth ulcers treatment. While the exact cause of cold sores are unknown, but stress, viruses or autoimmune diseases are suspected.
  • Make sure that the underlying cause of persistent mouth ulcers are diagnosed. Some of the causes include inflammatory bowel disease, autoimmune disorders, syphilis and oral cancer.
  • Immediately visit you dentist if the sores are painless, bleeding and if they last for 3 or more weeks. Suddenly, if many sores appear in one part of the mouth then it is probably because of stress, and in women it may be due to menstruation.

The above are some of the ways to cure persistent mouth ulcers. If you experience any of the signs and symptoms of mouth ulcers then use home remedies which effectively help in the treatment. If the condition is not treated, then go for medical treatment. Make sure that you complete the whole treatment in order to prevent further recurrence of persistent mouth ulcers.

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