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Mouth Ulcers Treatment with Herbal Remedies

Tooth-DryMouth ulcers are the sores in the mouth, they may occur due to different factors in an individual. Some of the symptoms of mouth ulcers include yellow or white sores in the mouth, pain and discomfort while eating food and while speaking. One can try different herbal remedies for the mouth ulcers treatment. There is a brief discussion on the mouth ulcers treatment with herbal remedies which are discussed below in this article.

Herbal Remedies for the mouth ulcers treatment

  1. Ficus religiosa (Banyan):

    Use the banyan tree bark to make decoction and drink it. It helps to reduce the pain and discomfort caused by mouth ulcers.

  2. Terminalia chebula (Chebulic Myrobalan):

    Chebulic myrobalan is the Triphala choorna component. It also consists of an essential component ‘amalaki’. The bark helps to reduce the pain due to ulcers and helps in solving the constipation problems which lead to ulcers.

  3. Trigonella foenum graecum (Fenugreek):

    The leaves of fenugreek seeds help in the mouth ulcers treatment. Prepare an infusion from the leaves of fenugreek and use it for rinsing purpose. Fenugreek is the strong agent in the treating ulcers, thus it is used as a remedy for the recurrent ulcers.

  4. Lawsonium alba (Henna):

    It is a cooling herb and it helps to provide the soothing effect on the mouth ulcers. It is used with water for gargling purpose.

  5. Emblica officinalis (Indian gooseberry):

    It shows a dual effect on the mouth ulcers. It is used for the gargling purpose and it helps to relax the discomfort and pain of the mouth ulcers. Secondly, it also helps to treat constipation, which is one of the important risk factors leading to mouth ulcers.

  6. Acacia catechu (Kattha):

    Kattha is an extract obtained from the Acacia catechu plant, which is commonly referred to as catechu plant. It is generally used on different forms of the mouth ulcers treatment. It has astringent properties and has a very special place in the field of Ayurveda medicine in the oral treatment.

  7. Glycyrrhiza glabra (Licorice):

    This is used for different dental and oral problems. This is used as one of the component in several toothpaste brands. The leaves and stems of this plant help in effective cleaning of the mouth. It helps in the treatment of sores along with cleansing the teeth and refreshing the breath.

  8. Curcuma longa (Turmeric):

    It is also a cooling agent and helps to relieve mouth ulcers. One can prepare a suspension by adding turmeric in water and use it for rinsing the mouth.

The above listed are some of the herbal remedies for the mouth ulcers treatment. Individuals suffering with mouth ulcers can use home and herbal remedies to treat the condition. The mouth ulcers treatment with herbal remedies is very effective. If any of the remedy is not suiting then avoid its use and consult your doctor.

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