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Top 10 Facts about Oral Health

Tooth-DryOral health not only helps to maintain the health of the teeth and gums, but also the overall health. This is based on the study done by researches that oral health prevents other health problems. There are some facts about oral health which are discussed in this article. Let us examine them.

Top 10 facts about oral health

  1. New born babies do not have any dental caries or cavities forming bacteria from birth. But, it is in fact the mother who transmits the bacteria while kissing the baby or by blowing the food before feeding. Thus, the bacteria form plaque on the teeth and gums leading to dental caries and other tooth and gum diseases.
  2. Saccharine sodium is generally used as the sweetening agent in preparing toothpaste, but it is 500 times sweeter than sugar.
  3. Make sure that you replace the toothbrush after having a sore throat, cold or notorious infections. Because these bacteria grow in the toothbrush and again cause an infection.
  4. Contrary to the popular belief, except to the ease of use, there are no significant advantages of powered toothbrush or electric toothbrush compared to normal toothbrush.
  5. Always place your toothbrush and brush your teeth away from the toilet maintaining a distance of 6 feet. Because the airborne particles or flora from the flush which will be able to travel 6 feet and contaminate the toothbrush.
  6. The teeth whitening toothpastes which claim to whiten the teeth have not been more effective than their normal counterparts.
  7. The number of patients with tooth decay saw a sudden massive surge in the year that Coke (Coca Cola) was launched.
  8. Fluoride containing toothpastes are effective in preventing bacterial growth. But the swallowing of toothpaste containing fluoride can lead to several harmful effects, one such is fluoride toxicity. Thus, kids below 5 years of age must not be given fluoride toothpaste, instead they must go with non-fluoridated toothpaste.
  9. Most individuals place caps on the toothbrush when they are moist. This practice actually favors the growth of the bacteria. This is because of the increased moisture content in the enclosed containers.
  10. Vigorous brushing does not help to remove tartar or calculus (hardened bacterial growth). Instead, it does more harm than good. This leads to erosion of the enamel, causing teeth sensitivity and other oral problems.

The above listed are the top 10 facts about oral health.

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