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Preventing Dental Caries in Children

Dietary-FluorideDental caries or tooth decay is the most common disease in kids in the UK. Caries are formed by the acids produced by the bacteria which act on the stuck food residue inside the mouth. Sugary drinks and foods are the worst. Thus, parents need to take some measures for preventing dental caries in children.

Preventive measures for dental caries in children

  • Brushing teeth:

    Encourage your kids to brush the teeth at least two times in a day. Make this a habit as soon as your kid develops the first tooth in infancy. Many kids may not like to brush their teeth at first, but make it as an activity when started first. By the 3 or 4 years of age, your kids will often clean their teeth under your supervision. Purchase soft-bristled tooth brush and fluoride containing toothpaste, as they are recommended by dentists.

  • Foods to eat and to avoid:

    Include fresh vegetables and fruits in your child’s diet. It is better that you limit sugary drinks and foods between the meals. If your kid has sweets, then make sure that they eat them all at once rather them eating them for several hours. If your kid needs medicine, give sugar-free medicines if they are available as they are the best.

  • Fluoride:

    It is a chemical which is found in water naturally in very low amounts. It helps in protecting teeth against caries by killing the bacteria and reducing their activity. Some areas add fluoride in the water supply, where it has greatly reduced the tooth decay. Thus, it is worth to find out that if you area have fluoridated water supply. Consult your dentist as he/she may advise fluoride drops.

  • Dental check-ups:

    Regular dental check-ups are worth; make it a habit in your child’s routine. Dental checkup for every 6 months is the best and recommended. This also helps to prevent oral diseases and problems and other gum or periodontal diseases.

These are some of the measures to take care for preventing dental caries in children.

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