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Dental Health for Toddlers -Tips to Prevent Gum Disease and Tooth Decay

Nursing-CariesDental health is very important as it helps to prevent oral and gum disease and tooth disorders. Studies have also shown that dental hygiene has an effect on the other health problems. Thus, in this article there is a brief discussion on the dental health for toddlers (kids) and the tips to prevent gum diseases and tooth decay. Let us examine them.

Dental Health for Toddlers – Tips to prevent gum disease and tooth decay

  • The first important thing to do is to schedule your toddler’s first trip to your dentist by the time she/he turns one year old.
  • Purchase your toddler’s size toothbrush with soft-bristles. Ensure that you replace it with a new one after every 3 months.
  • Purchase fluoride containing toothpaste (you can also consult your toddler’s dentist before buying it for him/her). Place a pea-sized quantity on the toothbrush and clean his/her teeth before going to bed and after every meal. Because most kids usually swallow the paste because of its taste, so this amount must not cause any harm within.
  • Ensure that while brushing their teeth make them learn the proper technique of brushing by holding their hand and allowing them to hold the brush.
  • Once all the primary teeth come, begin flossing your kid’s teeth and help him/her to learn to floss before brushing.
  • Ensure that your toddler eats a healthy diet which includes all the essential supplements for their growth.
  • Avoid giving starchy food or sweets in between the meals
  • Ensure that they brush at least twice in a day (once before going to bed and once before breakfast) and floss at least once in a day before brushing.
  • Make flossing and brushing a habit for them in their daily activities.
  • Use only trusted dental aids for your toddler.
  • Visit your dentist every 6 months and make it a habit for your kids, as it helps to prevent any tooth disorders, gum infections and oral problems and diseases.

The above tips help in the dental health for toddlers, use these tips to prevent future dental problems in your kid.

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