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Different Types of Braces for Teeth

Types-of-Dental-ProsthesisBraces are used to correct the teeth alignment. There are many types of dental braces which are available in the market. Let us examine different types of dental braces for teeth which are discussed in this article.

Different types of braces for teeth

  • Stainless-Steel Braces:

    They are the old type of braces which are least costly among all the types of dental braces. This type of braces remain in use. Most people go for metal braces, as they are most economical and efficient.

  • Ceramic Braces:

    These are almost similar to the stainless-steel braces, expect for the brackets which are made with ceramic instead of steel. These braces most likely do not leave any stains on the tooth which are associated with the different metal braces. This type of braces must be worn for longer time than metal braces. The cost for ceramic braces is significantly much higher. The treatment for ceramic braces lasts for a few months more than the traditional metal brace types.

  • Gold Braces:

    These are worn by those individuals who have allergy to stainless-steel and/or those who just prefer the gold look. This type of braces work similar to the stainless-steel braces. However these are expensive as they have gold over the steel plating.

  • Lingual Braces:

    These are the newer type of dental braces and are the most expensive. This type of metal braces are placed behind the teeth rather in the front. For some individuals, these type of braces might be uncomfortable and it is more susceptible that your tongue might get cut. Individuals who have lingual braces generally need an adjustment period for their speech, as the braces do interfere with the tongue movement.

  • Invisalign Braces:

    These are the newest braces which are now available and are becoming most common. They are made up of thermoplastic ‘aligners’ (clear) which are custom-molder for the mouth. The invisalign braces are the most costliest braces of all the types. These braces are removable which is a major advantage. These braces are changed every 2 weeks as the teeth move. The treatment for this type of braces depends on how frequent an individual wears it, but it can last for less than one year. Not every orthodontist is qualified to give the treatment, they need to attend the training programmes to use the Invisalign braces.

The above listed are the different types of braces for teeth.

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