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Composite Dental Fillings -Advantages and Disadvantages

Nursing-CariesThere are different types of dental fillings to cover the decayed tooth or fill the cavity. Composite materials are one among the types of different dental fillings. Thus, let us examine the advantages and disadvantages of composite dental fillings which are discussed in this article.

Advantages of composite dental fillings

  1. Aesthetics

    : The color or shade of the composite dental filling can be matched closely to the natural tooth color. It is particularly well matched or suited for the visible parts of the teeth and front teeth.

  2. Bonding to the structure of the tooth:

    Actually, these composite dental fillings bond to the structure of the tooth chemically. Thus, providing an extra support to the tooth.

  3. Versatility in uses:

    Composite dental fillings are versatile in use. They can also be used for other purposes like to repair broken, worn or chipped teeth in addition to fill the decayed tooth.

  4. Tooth-sparing preparation:

    When using composite dental fillings, sometimes less structure of the tooth requires to be removed while removing the decayed part and preparing for the filling when compared to other fillings such as amalgam dental fillings.

Disadvantages of composite dental fillings

  1. Lack of durability:

    The composite dental fillings last for lesser time (at least for 5 years) when compared to other (amalgam) dental fillings (which last at least for 10-15 years) under the pressure of chewing especially when filled in large cavities. They wear out much sooner than amalgams.

  2. Increased chair time:

    Composite dental fillings process take extra 20 minutes when compared to amalgam dental fillings. Because the composite material needs to be applied, where as the amalgams are just placed.

  3. Additional visits:

    In composite fillings, if they are used for on-lays or inlays, then more than one visit to the dental office will be required.

  4. Chipping:

    These composite fillings depending on their location can chip off the tooth.

  5. Expense:

    Composite dental fillings are very expensive and they cost double the cost of amalgams.

These are the advantages and disadvantages of composite dental fillings. It is important that you see the pros and cons of different types of dental fillings.

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