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Top 30 Ways to Prevent Bad Breath

mouth-brthngOne of the common oral problems among most individuals is bad breath. This may occur due to dental problems, health problems, certain foods, dry mouth or reduced saliva in the mouth. It is important to cure this condition as it may lead to oral thrush or other oral health problems. In this article, there is a brief discussion on the ways to prevent bad breath. Let us examine them.

Top 30 ways to prevent bad breath

  1. Brushing twice daily:

    This is the basic criteria to maintain oral health. One should use fluoride toothpaste to brush the teeth twice daily, at least once before going to bed. It removes bacteria and prevents bad breath.

  2. Flossing after every meal:

    Flossing helps to remove the stuck food residue from between the teeth. Thus, it helps to prevent bad breath.

  3. Clean your tongue:

    After brushing and after every meal it is important to remove the plaque or residue formation from the tongue. This helps to prevent bad breath.

  4. Drinking plenty of Water:

    One should drink plenty of water as it helps in the formation of saliva. Saliva kills bacteria as it has antibacterial properties.

  5. Regular visit to the dentist:

    One should visit your dentist on a regular basis, as he/she will guide you about the dental health and treat the problems for bad breath.

  6. Preventing dental problems:

    Some of the dental problems such as gum abscess, abscessed tooth and tooth decay can cause bad breath. Thus, they may be treated in order to prevent bad breath.

  7. Chewing parsley:

    Parsley contains chlorophyll, a well-known breath freshener. One can chew parsley after having a meal. This is an easy way to prevent bad breath.

  8. Rosemary:

    This is another herb which helps to prevent bad breath.

  9. Eucalyptus:

    One can use eucalyptus, a herb, which helps to prevent bad breath.

  10. Tea tree oil:

    One can use a few drops on tea tree oil along with the toothpaste or place few drops of it on the toothbrush to brush you teeth.

  11. Green tree:

    This contains polyphenols which helps to stop bacterial growth, thus prevents bad breath.

  12. Peppermint oil:

    You can use peppermint oil similar to tea tree oil, as helps in preventing bad breath.

  13. Quit smoking:

    Smoking or use of tobacco products is the main cause of many health problems including bad breath. Thus, it is very essential for smokers to quit smoking.

  14. Eat foods that help to eliminate bad breath:

    These include crunchy foods such as carrots, celery, low-fat cheese (a bit) and peanuts.

  15. Avoid foods:

    There are some foods which cause bad breath due to the release of gas from the mouth when you burp. Thus, it better to avoid these foods which include onions, cabbage, garlic, coffee and certain spices.

  16. Chew sugar-free gums after meals:

    It is not possible to brush your teeth after a meal when you are out. Thus, on such situation you can chew sugar-free gums, as this also helps to prevent bad breath by producing more saliva.

  17. Mint:

    Chewing few leaves of mint after a meal also helps to prevent bad breath.

  18. Breath strips:

    There are alternatives products available in the market such as breath strips which can be used for bad breath prevention.

  19. Breath spray:

    There are many different breath sprays available in different flavors, one can also use them as it helps for bad breath prevention.

  20. Diluted hydrogen peroxide:

    Use diluted hydrogen peroxide as a mouth rinse. It will kill bacteria which cause bad breath.

  21. Rinse with plain water:

    Rinsing your mouth at least with plain water helps to remove stuck food residue and prevents bad breath from setting within.

  22. Wet your whistle:

    Drink plenty of fluids as it help to produce saliva. Saliva has a natural antibacterial action which kills bacteria, washes away food residues and prevents bad breath.

  23. Eat vitamin C rich foods:

    These include oranges, strawberries, kiwi fruit, etc.

  24. Eat fiber rich foods:

    These include prunes, figs, wheat and brown rice.

  25. Yogurt:

    It consists of the bacteria acidophilus which kills other bacteria and reduces gas problems and prevents bad breath.

  26. Baking soda:

    Alternatively, substitute your toothpaste with baking soda, as it is alkaline in nature, it neutralizes the oral acidic content. This makes it less favorable for the oral bacterial growth. Thus, prevents bad breath. Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide found to reduce bad breath.

  27. Fennel seeds:

    They contain licorice, a substance which produces aroma and is effective to cure bad breath.

  28. Pineapple:

    This contains some enzymes which help to clean the mouth and prevent bad breath.

  29. Tongue scraper:

    Scrape your tongue using a brush or tongue scraper to remove food residues from the tongue before going to bed.

  30. Remove denture wearers:

    Patients wearing dentures must remove them at night, clean and soak them in hypochloride, chlorhexidine or water.

These are some of the top 30 ways to prevent bad breath. One use any of the above ways for bad breath prevention.

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