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Types of Dental Crowns

Glass-IonomerCrowns serve as a protective shielding for the teeth.There are many types of dental crowns which are specifically designed for a specific use with distinct characteristics. Although dental crowns will improve the appearance of the teeth, but they are primarily designed to improve the teeth that are deformed, damages or decaying and to support them. In this article, there is a brief discussion on the types of dental crowns.

Types of Dental Crowns

  • Metal crown:

    These are a common choice of most dentists for damaged teeth which need restoration and protection. The most popular metal used is gold. Some other metals which are used as dental crowns include palladium, chromium or nickle. These metal crowns don’t chip or crack usually. Metal crown is more stronger, durable and lasts much more longer than other types of dental crowns. For the patients who choose to g for metal crown, only a little part of the damaged tooth requires to be removed. Metal dental crowns are softer on the teeth (natural teeth) when you bite down or chew.

  • Porcelain crown:

    These functions similar to the natural teeth. They are often preferred for their cosmetic appearance. They capture and reflect the light as the natural teeth do, this gives them even more natural look. Porcelain crowns are commonly used only for front teeth. They are generally smooth and are durable, but they chip more often compared to metal crowns.

  • All-Resin:

    When compared to other dental crown types, all-resin dental crowns are very less expensive. They are also less durable and are more likely to chip, crack and wear down faster than other types of dental crowns.

  • Combination crown:

    It consists of metal and porcelain. Usually, gold is the metal of choice of combination crown. Combination dental crowns are used either for the back teeth or front teeth. However, the porcelain part of the dental crown is more likely to break or chip than the metal part.

These are some of the types of dental crowns. One should check for their characteristics, pros and cons before choosing any type of dental crowns.

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