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Oral Diseases Caused by Smoking

avoid-smokikjSmoking causes various effects inside the body like on the cardiovascular system and on other important organs. But, it can affect equally on the oral health. Oral diseases caused by smoking are severe and fateful. Possibly, the most severe oral condition or disease that can be a result of smoking is oral cancer. Let us examine the oral diseases caused by smoking in smokers.

Oral diseases caused by smoking

  • Smoking often results in tooth discolorations and also causes dental restorations.
  • Smoking also causes shifting and staining of the teeth.
  • It also causes mouth sores which are very painful.
  • Smoking also results in sinusitis, hairy tongue, leukoplakia (adherent white patches of keratosis), Smoker’s lip, Snuff Dipper’s lesions and root caries.
  • Some of the common side effects among smokers are smell acuity, halitosis (bad breath), loss of taste sensation and diminished taste.
  • Periodontal or oral disease is increased both in severity and prevalence in smokers. Smokers are at greater risk for oral diseases than non-smokers. Smoking cessation may stop the progression of the disease and also helps to improve the outcome of oral disease treatment.
  • Smokers are more often likely to develop oral cancer and precancer when compared to non-smokers. Smoking halt decreases the increased oral cancer risk within 5 to 10 years.
  • Smokers are at a significantly higher risk of developing dental implant failure compared to non-smokers.
  • Periodontal diseases includes tooth and bone loss in smokers and if it is undetected, it leads to completed destruction of supporting tissues of the tooth, tooth abscesses and ultimately results in tooth loss.

The dental team must be aware of the link between the dental problems and smoking and they must convey the message that non-smoking is a norm. Dentist must give the smoking counseling for patients and it should be the fundamental part of their curriculum and any of the practice prevention program.

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