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Dental Health Activities for Children

Dietary-FluorideDental health activities for children helps them to establish all healthy practices at the early stage. Most kids attempt to avoid dental health practices such as brushing and flossing the teeth. Thus, interactive projects of dental health activities gives them a chance to know what can happen if they follow a good dental health. These fun nature dental health activities may encourage kids to maintain a proper dental health.

Dental Health Activities for Children

  • Field Trip:

    On a field trip, take your kids to a dentist’s office. Consult your dentist and ask him/her to speak and show about: The importance of dental health activities such as brushing and flossing the teeth. How these dental routine practices help to maintain the health of the teeth. Ask them to show and discuss about the tools they use for a patient and how they do a regular dental check up. This helps to ease the fear from kids who usually have for a regular dental check up. Suppose if the field trip for the dentists is not possible you can ask him/her for a guest appearance.

  • Egg shell experiment:

    Demonstrate the egg shell experiment about the effect of poor dental care by using a hard boiled egg. Point out that the egg shell protects the egg as the tooth enamel protects the teeth. Fill a jar with vinegar till 3/4th and ask your kids for predictions about what can happen when the egg shell is soaked in the vinegar. Then, place a hard boiled egg with the egg shell in the jar with vinegar and allow it to soak for few minutes. Allow the children to observe the difference on the egg shell and make them conclude and relate the effects to their teeth.

  • Brushing chart:

    Gather your kids to play a fun tooth activity. Demonstrate them the proper brushing techniques on the model of a mouth. Ask kids to practice brushing on the model of a mouth. Make a chart to allow you kids to track the teeth brushing activities.

  • Healthy snack list:

    Brainstorm a list of foods which are healthy and talk to children about the effects of acid and sugar on the teeth. Make a goal of at least about 25 healthy foods and challenge your children to think to think more health foods and snacks. Include a few of the foods items from the healthy food list to make snacks. Encourage your children to try the healthy foods which they have never tried before.

These are some of the dental health activities for children, which one can follow for their kids to establish their dental health practices.

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