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Dental Fillings Procedure

Nursing-CariesThe procedure for dental fillings is not simple. A dentist does many things prior to the dental filling procedure. They examine the tooth condition and prepare the necessary surrounding areas of the tooth. In this article, there is a brief discussion on the dental fillings procedure.

  • Firstly, dentists on the first visit of a patient with tooth decay examine the condition thoroughly. They measure the intensity of the decay inside the tooth.
  • Later, in the next visit they set up all the necessary equipments which are essential for the treatment.
  • Next, they remove the damage or decay from the tooth with a laser or dental hand-piece. Then the tooth decay part is cleansed thoroughly to remove debris or bacteria before the tooth restoration is completed.
  • Then, dental filling is done with respective material for example with composite filling. The first step in the procedure of composite dental filling involves the tooth isolation. The isolation of the tooth is critical in composite dental filling. This is because it prevents the interference of the moisture with the process of bonding.
  • The bonding process involves the placement of different adhesives, which is then followed by the filling of the composite material. The composite filling is hardened with the special bonding light. This complete restoration of composite filling is both functional and natural.

This was a brief discussion on dental fillings procedure with composite filling. The procedure of examining about the intensity of the tooth decay, removing the decayed part and debris is same for all types of fillings. However, the procedure for restoration of filling with other restorative materials is different depending on the material.

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