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Dental Fillings Pain

Oral-Submucous-FibrosisDental fillings pain can occur due to various reasons. There are many explanations for the dental fillings pain, each of which results from a different cause. Let us examine them.

  • Pain when you bite:

    This type of pain occurs when the patient bites down. A patient experiences the pain soon after the anesthesia affect is lost and it will continue over time. In such a case, the dental filling is interfering especially when the patient bites down. In this case, the patient needs to consult his/her dentist and go for reshaping the filling.

  • Pain when your teeth touch:

    This occurs when your tooth touches the filling and it causes a very sharp pain. The pain is more likely to occur due to the touching of 2 different metal surfaces. Example: if a patient has a gold crown on old filled tooth and a silver amalgam in the newly filled tooth when the old filling touches the new filling it causes pain. This pain must be resolved within a short span of time on its own.

  • Toothache-type pain:

    This can occur if the tooth decay is very deep inside the tooth pulp. This toothache response might indicate that the underneath tissue inside the tooth is no longer healthy anymore. In such cases, root canal treatment for the patient will be necessary.

  • Referred pain:

    Patients with referred pain might experience sensitivity or pain in other teeth just adjacent to the one that had received the filling. There is nothing wrong with the pain with this kind of pain. The filled tooth passes the pain signals to other teeth causing pain in the other teeth. The pain must be reduced within 1 to 2 weeks on its own.

These are some of the dental fillings pain which some patients can experience after the dental filling.

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