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White Dental Fillings -An Overview

Oral Submucous FibriosisNowadays, dental fillings basically are not only for functional use, but they also give a natural look. Most individuals prefer white dental fillings than silver or other dental fillings. This is because people are becoming more conscious and concern about their look and as the later look easily when they smile or laugh. There is an overview of white dental fillings in this article.

Are white dental fillings better than other dental fillings?

White dental fillings have been always considered to be less long lasting than other fillings. However, there are new materials which are now available with properties that are comparable to silver or other fillings. They are providing a very successful rate.

Material used in white dental fillings:

They are mainly made up of synthetic resin, glass particles and the setting ingredient. Dentists will be able to tell more about the material used in the white dental fillings.

Life expectancy of white fillings:

A white dental filling life expectancy greatly depend on how heavily the teeth will come together when the patient bite and where it is inside the mouth. Dentists can advise on the life expectancy based on the type of filling. However, fillings which are provided on the NHS are guarantee for 1 year.

Replacement of other fillings with white fillings:

It is usually better to replace fillings only when the dentists decide that the old filling should be replaced. Most dentists advise not to place white fillings in the back teeth as these are not successful always.

White dental fillings treatment cost:

White dental fillings may be expensive, but your dentists can only be able to give an idea of the treatment cost. These are classified as cosmetic treatment and can be done privately and the cost can vary from one dentist to another and from one region to another. It usually depends on the type and size of white fillings and also on the time to complete the treatment.

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