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Silver Dental Fillings -How to Replace Them?

Nursing-CariesSilver dental fillings are under a great deal of controversy which exists over the potential health hazards due to the metal content -mercury. The IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology) contends that dentists must take specific steps recommended by IAOMT to replace the silver dental fillings types to protect both the dentist and the patients. There are some additional cautionary steps provided by holistic health care practitioners to take to prevent any sort of negative reaction during the removal and replacement of silver dental fillings.


  1. Take about 3,000mg of vitamin C and use this prior to the removal of silver amalgam dental fillings works. This helps to boost antioxidants and to protect the patient nutritionally from the toxic metal mercury, which is according to the Natural News Network.
  2. The Dentists and assistants must wear rubber gloves and the respirators (not the regular hygienic masks). This helps to avoid inhaling the mercury-containing particles. The IAOMT says that the mercury vapors can also go through latex and vinyl gloves, thus rubber gloves are recommended and preferred over vinyl or latex gloves.
  3. Install a rubber dam (not latex or vinyl) on the patient. Along with this, moist paper towels or a surgical drape on the patient’s face helps in protecting him/her from the mercury.
  4. To dislodge the amalgam dental filling, use a dental drill. The IAOMT recommends dentists to slice the old amalgam fillings across and dislodge it in big chunks instead of grinding it. This causes less mercury metal to get aerosolized, reducing the danger of exposure to both the dental health care professionals and the patient.
  5. Spray the area or room with the help of a constant water stream. This helps to keep the place cool by reducing the vapors which are produced from the metal mercury.
  6. Use suction constantly. HVE (high volume evacuation) is the best way for removing the vapors of mercury. It must be placed near to the patient’s tooth and must be on throughout the treatment procedure, including the clean up. A dentist should also consider about using a special High Volume evacuation Clean-Up suction tip which has an enclosure towards the end, surrounding an entire tooth.
  7. Dentists must provide a piped-in air or oxygen to the patient. Thus, giving piped-in air or oxygen through the patients nose helps him/her to avoid breathing in the mercury vapors and amalgam particles through the mouth.
  8. Dentists must use an air purifier in the room. This helps to remove the particulates and vapors of mercury.
  9. Then, dentists must remove any decay which is present under the silver amalgam dental fillings. After the removal of silver amalgam dental filling, dentists must check for any remaining decay and drill it away.
    Lastly, dental filling with a safe white fillings must be done to cover the exposed part.

These was all about the precautions and steps to take while replacing the silver amalgam dental fillings.

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