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Amalgam Dental Fillings -Pros and Cons

Sealant-ApplicationAmalgam dental fillings are used in the dentistry for more than 10 decades. It is commonly used even today and is a combination of metals which include mercury, silver, copper and tin and small amounts of indium, zinc or palladium. Let us examine the amalgam dental fillings pros and cons which are discussed in this article.

Pros and Cons of Amalgam Dental Fillings


  • Amalgam dental fillings are very strong because of their metal content. They can also withstand heavy biting pressure, because of which they are primarily used for the back teeth.
  • The material of amalgam filling is relatively inexpensive.
  • In most of dental insurance companies, they cover amalgam fillings.


  • The amalgam dental filling material contains metals such as mercury. However, there have not been any conclusive studies which can relate mercury in the amalgam to be dangerous. But, mercury itself is a very toxic compound. The FDA admits that the amalgam may also contain silver metal, which may not be safe. Thus, it is better to avoid silver containing dental fillings.
  • Some patients who have an amalgam dental filling have also experienced a period of cold and hot sensitivity.
  • Amalgam dental fillings immediately do not harden, so therefore, it is recommended not to chew for a few hours on that specific area or tooth after the filling is done.
  • Amalgam dental filling requires a bigger preparation, so more tooth structure will be lost.
  • However, not all dentists recommend and do amalgam dental fillings anymore.

These are the pros and cons of amalgam dental fillings.

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