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Advanced Gum Disease Treatments

Nursing-CariesThere are many treatments for the people suffering with gum disease, based on the severity of the disease. First thing is to consult your dentist and he/she will examine the condition properly and recommend the type of treatment to treat the condition. Some of the advanced gum disease treatments are discussed in this article.

Treatment for advanced gum disease

There are many different procedures for the advanced gum disease treatment based on the type of condition of infection.

  • Tissue Regeneration

    This is a new technique which is employed by the dentists when the bone surrounding the teeth has been destroyed. Tissue regeneration involves bone grafting to provide a better chance for the re-growth of the bone. Soft tissue grafts are also used to strengthen the gums which are thin.

  • Guided tissue regeneration:

    This involves the membrane insertion which helps in the process of regeneration of the bone. This procedure is useful only for sometimes during the periodontal surgery.

  • Pocket elimination surgery

    In few cases, a surgery might be a part of the gum disease treatment plan. They help to prevent the loss of tooth due to gum disease. Some of the surgical options are listed below:

    1. Periodontal flap surgery:

      This might be performed to decrease the gap between the gums and teeth.

    2. Bone surgery:

      If there are craters in the jaw bone allowing the bacterial growth which is contributing to gum or periodontal disease. Thus, with the bone surgery, the bone will be reshaped eliminating the craters which helps to prevent further recolonization of the bacterial growth.

  • Laser therapy

    This may be used to lower the pocket size. But, there are no definitive evidence which can support the laser therapy idea that helps to restore the damage of connective tissue caused due to gum disease.

These are some of the advanced gum disease treatments which dentists use to treat the condition.

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