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Gum Disease Treatment in a Natural Way

Laser Treatment for LeukoplakiaExperts have found out that the gum diseases can also be treated even with natural products. There are some natural treatments for gum disease which act effectively to cure the gum disease. Some of the remedies for gum disease treatment in a natural way are discussed in this article.

Natural remedies for gum disease treatment

  • Vitamin C:

    Study has shown that individuals who have intake vitamin C less than the RDA (recommended dietary allowance) will be most likely to develop periodontists than other individuals who consume 180 mg of vitamin C. Everyone should include intake of vitamin C foods such as citrus foods, strawberries, kiwi) in their diet. It contains an anti oxidant which is needed by the body to repair the tissues and to speed up the bone regeneration.

  • Vitamin D:

    Include vitamin D foods such as tuna fish, salmon, cheese, etc in the diet. They have anti-inflammatory properties which help to reduce the risks of developing gum disease.

  • Co-enzyme Q10:

    There are many foods which contain Co-enzyme Q10, one should include them in the diet. They contain anti-oxidant properties which help to reduce the risk of developing gum diseases. Lower level of this compound will most likely cause gum problems. There are many toothpaste which contain Co-enzyme Q10 as an ingredient. Check out your toothpaste, if it doesn’t contain then switch to other brand which contains Co-enzyme Q10.

  • Tea tree oil:

    It contains antibiotic properties which helps to fight against bacteria. Experts conducted a series of study, in which it was found that there was a remarkable decrease in the rate of infection of gingivitis and bleeding. Now, there are many toothpaste which contain tea tree oil and are available in the market.

  • Cranberry:

    One should take 4 oz of cranberry daily, as this helps to prevent the bacteria from getting stick on the teeth. Cranberry juice is available in any health food stores.

These are some of the remedies which one can use for the gum disease treatment in a natural way.

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