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Gum Disease Treatment at Home

Oral Submucous FibriosisGum diseases are common among adults and they don’t realize until they develop symptoms of gum diseases such as pain, inflammation, bleeding while brushing, etc. Gum disease treatment at home involves the basic care of the oral health. This is mainly important because there are many linkages between the bacteria in the mouth which cause gum or periodontal diseases and other life-threatening illness. Thus, proper care of gums and teeth is becoming an increasingly important health issue.

Gum disease treatment at home

One of the most common type of periodontal or gum disease is gingivitis, which occur due to improper dental care. It can cause inflamed and swollen gums which bleed easily. Gingivitis can result in other severe disease forms, if left untreated. Home treatments for gum disease at an early stage can be very helpful, but for severe cases medical treatment is very essential along with home treatment.

  1. Brushing:

    Regular brushing is an essential and a very important thing to maintain a good oral health. Because it helps to remove plaque (a thin bio-film of bacterial growth) from the gums and teeth and prevent gum diseases. Brushing twice daily, once before going to bed with fluoride containing toothpaste is essential. Regular toothbrushes remove less plaque when compared to electric toothbrushes. There are many types electric toothbrushes available in the market such as Sonicare and Oral-B. They are more beneficial as they massage and increase the blood flow to the gums.

  2. Flossing:

    Flossing is as essential as brushing and even more. Because this help to remove the hidden plaque growth between the teeth. But, most of them feel awkward and do not want to be bothered. There are many different types of floss available, one can choose their favorite types and floss regularly by making it a habit. At the beginning you may require time but later it as it becomes a habit it does not take much time.

  3. Chewing gum:

    Nothing can replace brushing and flossing. But, chewing gum after meals while you are unable to brush the teeth can help to prevent the plaque growth.

These are some of the things one can do for gum disease treatment at home.

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