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Dental Floss -Different Types of Dental Floss

Oral Hygiene Practices for InfantsFlossing is an effective way to destroy the buildup of plaque formation and to remove the stuck food residue between the teeth using a dental floss. It is very important that you use a good dental floss among the different types of dental floss. Flossing should be done once daily and with a proper technique. Let us examine some of the dental floss types discussed in this article.

Different types of dental floss

  • Waxed and unwaxed floss:

    Some individuals find waxed floss more smoother and it easily moves between the teeth compared to unwaxed floss. Dentists claim that the waxed floss does leave a thin-film like lining on the teeth that acts or attracts as a magnet for bacterial growth called plaque. They are less likely to hold any rough edges of the teeth. On the other hand, unwaxed floss tends to absorb the food particles much better than the waxed floss. Oral-B Waxed Dental Floss is one example.

  • Teflon floss:

    This type of floss is made with Teflon, this means it won’t stick in between the teeth, but if it sticks it comes away easily. Crest Glide is a well known brand of Teflon floss.

  • Thread floss:

    This type is made with nylon and it works in the similar way as like other types of dental floss.

  • Flavored and unflavored floss:

    An example of flavored type of floss is cinnamon or mint. It is more pleasant and good to use as it leaves a clean and nice taste inside the mouth. Among these types, there is another type of dental that is coated with fluoride which fights against tooth decay and protects the teeth. Unflavored floss works in a similar way but, it is not coated with any ingredient.

  • Tape floss:

    This is also known as dental tape and is thicker than those conventional types of dental floss. This type of floss is often preferred by persons who have wide spaces between the teeth. This type of dental floss is an ideal type for an individual who is new for the habit of flossing. It also has the advantage for not fraying or breaking. This type is often chosen because of its smooth action while sliding and flossing between the teeth. Colgate dental tape is an example for this tape floss.

Dental floss is a thread-like material which is used and plaque formation between the adjacent teeth.

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