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Oral Herpes Treatment at Home

Oral-Submucous-FibrosisOral herpes are also referred to as cold sores. They are tiny and painful blisters which may develop on the nose, lips, or the outer parts of the mouth. In this article there is a brief discussion on the oral herpes and its treatment at home.

Oral herpes is caused by viral organisms such as Herpes simplex virus (HSV). They are two types of HSV -type 2 and type 2. The viral infection is extremely contagious and the virus may typically last between 10 and 14 days. But, if it stays for longer than 2 weeks then it is advisable for an infected person to consult a physician for the treatment. There are many home remedies which one can use and get rid of an cold sore in the early stages.

Oral herpes treatment at home

  • Herbs:

    Many herbs are used in the treatment of oral herpes, some of these common herbs are herbal sedative violet, herbal sage, or the tea tree oil. Sage leaf tea is another herbal treatment. For the effective herbal treatment, a tea should be made with 2 to 3 sage leaves, with a small root piece of ginger or some ginger powder. Place these herbs in a cup of water and steep them in boiling water. Drink these tea 2 to 3 cups per day. One can also use the lemon balm extract, as it speeds up the healing process and reduces the oral herpes symptoms.

  • Ice:

    Ice can cure cold sore and it can also help to ease the pain. During the early stage of cold sore infection, if ice is applied on them, it retards the oral herpes growth by slowing down the virus metabolism. If you experience cold sore, then use an ice cube and rub it on the sore area for about 5 to 10 minutes and the process every hour. Application of ice on the cold sore helps to reduce the cold sore size and also prevents the viral movement.

  • Salt:

    Common salt or table salt is another effective home treatment for oral herpes or cold sore. Apply small amount of salt using a moist fingertip on the oral herpes and leave it for 1 or 2 minutes. This is one among the fastest cures for oral herpes which may disappear just within one or two days, but it may be the painful method.

  • Tea bags:

    Apply a warm tea bag for 30 minutes or steeped tea bag on the cold sore for a few minutes and repeat this every hour. The tannic acid present in the tea fights against the virus, preventing its development. One can notice that the sore starts healing after 5 days of application.

These are a few oral herpes treatment at home, one can use them as they are very effective.

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