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Oral Lichen Planus Symptoms

Oral Lichen PlanusOral lichen planus is an inflammatory condition which involves the mucous lining in the mouth. They can infect the lips, inside of the cheeks, tongue, throat and gums. The infection can also spread to nails, skin, scalp or genitals. Let us examine some of the oral lichen planus symptoms.

Oral lichen planus symptoms

There are several symptoms of oral lichen planus which one can look for. Some of the lichen planus oral symptoms are listed below.

  • One of the easiest symptom of lichen planus inside the mouth is the lacy pattern on the gums, tongue or cheeks. The lacy pattern involves the development of pale spots which may have bumps or it may be raised on these areas. This is the common symptom among most of the people affected with oral lichen planus. They may not have lesions, pain or any other symptom.
  • But, in some patients the oral lichen planus infection may become so prominent that they experience pain and may develop other symptoms.
  • Red, shiny and raised patches on the tongue and on the cheeks is another common symptom of oral lichen planus. When the infection becomes severe, these red, shiny and raised patches in the mouth can change into ulcers or lesions. Thus, the patient can also experience dry mouth, burning or itching sensation inside the mouth, mouth pain, a feeling of roughness inside the mouth, blunt sense of taste or the metallic taste, sore gums, sensitivity to hot and spicy foods, burning, irritation and bleeding while brushing the teeth.
  • If a patients is suffering from mild condition of oral lichen planus then he/she may not need to visit a dentist or a doctor. However, if the you notice any of the symptoms which are listed below then you should consult a professional for oral lichen planus treatment.
    • Sore which don’t heal
    • Discolored patches or lumps in the mouth
    • Mouth pain
    • Repetitive bleeding inside the mouth, especially while eating
    • Loss of feeling in the mouth
    • Change in the teeth alignment or when they come together or in the way a person mouth looks or feels
      lesion son the nails, skin, scalp or genitals

oral lichen planus is a disease which doesn’t have any cure, but with the help of medications the condition can be controlled. Thus, it is better you consult a doctor if you notice any of the above listed oral lichen planus symptoms as he/she will be able to tell about the condition and the best treatment options.

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