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Ultraviolet Teeth Whitening -Side Effects

ToothNow a days, people are more concern about the way they look, especially their teeth. There are many teeth whitening products, which are available in the market. However, ultraviolet teeth whitening is very effective compared to the whitening products. In this article, their is a brief discussion on teeth whitening with ultraviolet light and its side effects.

Ultraviolet teeth whitening

In this method of teeth whitening, dentists uses ultraviolet light or lasers to accelerate the process of bleaching. The UV teeth whitening treatment is similar to the other teeth whitening process except the use of UV light. First bleaching gels or chemicals are applied on the teeth and then UV light or lasers are used to accelerate the process. This helps in activating the compounds or ingredients in the bleaching gels for an instant teeth whitening effect.

Side effects of UV teeth whitening

  • Sensitive teeth:

    Tooth sensitivity is the most common teeth whitening side effect with Ultraviolet light. This has been reported by most individuals including the professional bleaching methods (using UV or laser teeth whitening) and other bleaching methods (using home bleaching products).

  • Sensitive gums:

    This is also one of the most common side effects of teeth whitening with Ultraviolet light. Even though the treatment is carried out by the professionals, the gums become very sensitive after the treatment. This is because of the use of strong bleaching agents and Ultraviolet light to accelerate bleaching process.

  • Burning sensation:

    This is the common teeth whitening side effect with Ultraviolet light. The dual process of bleaching with Ultraviolet or laser lights and the chemicals or bleaching gels can often result in discomfort and burning sensation. This treatment may not cause pain in the patient but it makes him/her more uncomfortable and discomfort.

These are the most common side effects of Ultraviolet teeth whitening. This can be avoided by immediately consulting your dentist and following the instructions carefully.

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